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For those that like machine-translation, the past years have been really exciting. Thanks to the Google’s machine translation API, there was an increasing number of fancy machine-translation gadgets that brought machine-translation to the user’s desktop in a very comfortable way.

Unfortunately Google no more offers theire machine-translation service for free for programmers. So  we can say goodbye to all the nice and free machine-translation gadgets that we used.

As of today I don’t know any free machine-translation gadget that I could install on my desktop.

Perhaps I should revive the WinXLator project. WinXLator was a machine-translation gadget that was very simple to use. This gadget was based on Apertium machine-translation technology. The biggest benefit of WinXLator over Google translator was that it didn’t require Internet connection to work; all the files needed were installed on the PC.

WinXLator — the free machine-translation app — was released 1½ years ago but withdrawn later. WinXLator couldn’t compete with the Google-based machine-translation gadgets. The bottle-neck was the limited number of supported language-pairs.

But perhaps we should give WinXLator a second try. And also give users a free machine-translation gadget?

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6 thoughts on “Machine-translation made easy”

    1. Thank you very much for the link. Usually I use Edict or Weblio because they are in nelgish. When the site is all in japanese, I feel a little scared. But this time the explanation is simple. I will start using Yahoo Japan also.

    2. Some of these nuances don’t rquiere understanding. (Actually, understanding’ is not clear in the computer context.) Statistical methods may help resolving many of such problems. Try Google translation to Russian: I can fill the table. I can put a spoon on the table. Word table’ is understood’ correctly, as it translated to different words based on context.

  1. Translating Japanese into English or vice versa will come as your learn to naserdtund English. As you naserdtund more and more how English is spoken, you will be able to translate better and better. Keep practicing your English and you will get there one day!

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