Finnish Numbers

Finnish Numbers are inflected in the same way as Finnish Nouns.

So ‘satakaksi’ or ‘102’ have all the 15 cases as do the nouns.

Verbix is able to decline the numbers. So whether you write ‘102’ or ‘satakaksi’, Verbix will so all the inflections. Moreover, if yo write ‘102’ Verbix will also write the number as text ‘satakaksi’.

Try declining Finnish numbers:

Võro Language

Võro is a language belonging to the Finnic branch of the Uralic languages. It is spoken in the South-Eastern part of Estonia, where also Seto is spoken.

Võro and Seto languages on the Estonian map

Võro has preserved the system of vowel harmony that was present in Proto-Finnic. The vowel harmony system distinguishes front, back and neutral vowels, much like the system found in Finnish. A word cannot contain both front and back vowels.

From its closest Finnic language neigbours, Estonian doesn’t have vowel harmony but Finnish has.

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Language Sites I Miss

I was cleaning my old PC from files that I downloaded years ago.

The main language groups of the Indo-European family of languages
The main language groups of the Indo-European family of languages

Guess what I found? Well, old files from The Indo-European Database website. I kept spending time on this site in the beginning of this millennium. The site that focused on Indo-European languages featured language overviews, linguistic maps, and much more.

Unfortunately this website no more exists.