Friulian in Romania, really?

I found a great website with verbs of Romance languages.

One thing surprised me: I found out that Friulian is spoken in Romania. [See map] Could that be true? I used to know that Friulian is a language spoken in Italy.

Greci, Tulcea, Romania
View from Greci Town in Tulcea, Romania

After browsing for more information I found out in a book called Ethnic Groups of Europe: An Encyclopedia that “After 1880 Friulians moved to Romania (then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), where they worked mainly as craftsmen or in the quarries near the town of Greci”.

Still amazing that a language survives there in these days!

One thought on “Friulian in Romania, really?”

  1. Only Transylvania and some part of north of Romania (Bucovina) were in Austro-Hungarian empire. Greci town is in Dobrudja (Dobrogea) region of Romania, a independent country in 1880.
    Romanian and Friulan languageas are related.
    You need browse for more information.

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