Verb Conjugator Gadget

I’ve been involved in development of a Windows gadget in my job.

Click to install the Verb Conjugator gadgetGadgets are those small applets that Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can install on their desktop.

Typically gadgets simplify a specific task. So I decided to simplify verb conjugation and wrote a Verb Conjugator gadget.

The first version of the gadget is ready and available for download.


One thought on “Verb Conjugator Gadget”

  1. molto buon. I understood eveinthryg, my first language is spanish. We also conjugate verbs like that. Yo saludo, Tu saludas, El / Ella saluda, Nosotros saludamos, Ellos / Ellas saludan. So is very similar instead with english the verb does not change only with he she or it that you only add an s or es. Many people (non italian speakers) will find it very hard. For romantic language speakers, I believe, will be easier but it can be a great pain in the behind even to learn it in our language.

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